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A safe and expansive place for spiritual seekers, sensitives, and practitioners.

Prism Collective a monthly membership community using energy healing, connection, and exploration to support your healing and awakening process.

Through your monthly subscription you gain access to weekly healings, monthly benefits, and connection to others who are going through deep healing and spiritual awakening experiences. You can choose to join at any tier level below and cancel anytime. 

What unites this community is a focus on direct embodied experience, subtle sensing, and the relational field as pathways to liberation. We are about sovereignty, divinity, and connection. You are your own healer!

Read more about the inspiration and ethos of Prism here.


The Prism membership is an incredible and affordable resource for healing and connection. I look forward to the grounding presence that is Dara, to be with me every week for the weekly healing released on Mondays. I also love the free healing support around specific energies and thought forms. Dara makes working with subtle energies, the soma, and direct experience approachable and available to literally everyone in this membership. I am grateful to be a part of it and often send my clients and friends her way. She makes the spiritual path feel much less scary and I feel so supported knowing that she is traversing her own spiritual path with such grace and ferocity. Just knowing this and feeling it gives me permission to live my truth and continue on my path. - Shelby Valentine, Life Coach & Healer



Included in Prism Membership:

Collective Healing Transmissions

Every week Darananda creates a new healing in the form of an audio recording similar to a guided meditation. It is typically 10-25 minutes in length and is in direct response to the energies of the Prism members. These include short teachings and channeled messages. The audio is encoded with healing frequencies which are downloaded into your system every time you listen. These healings are timeless and can be accessed for specific support whenever it is needed. A transcript of the session is also included for those who are more visual or would like direct access to the text. As a member, you also gain access to the archives.

Full Moon Live Healings

Every month we gather for a live full moon collective healing session. Darananda live-channels based on what is alive in the group. These are powerful sessions where you get to experience the frequencies in the moment they arise and revisit them in the recording whenever you're called. Recording of the live healings are posted in the member's archive. 

The Spiritual Skill/share

The Spiritual Skill/Share is our monthly gathering space for discussion, learning, and sharing. It is focused on exploring spiritual (mystical or non-ordinary) experiences, energy work concepts and practices, and living a spiritual life. Darananda will present a short teaching or introduce a discussion topic for each session. This may include a healing exercise, framework, concept, or special energetic attunement.

Archetype Healing Archive

Twice-yearly, any existing Archetype Healing (for individual sale) will be added to the member's archive where they will become freely available. If you'd like access to one of these healings before it is available in the member's archive, you can use your discount code for a reduced price. Read more about these healings here.

Healing & Awakening Resource Library

This library includes the resources that Darananda has found personally supportive throughout her journey, as well as, those items she has shared most with clients over the years. It is growing and includes descriptions of what might be useful to you for different phases of your journey.

Membership Discounts

All members have access to a discount code to use for purchasing individual MP3s in the store, for example new Archetype Healings, as well as membership pricing for upcoming workshops and other live events.

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