Protect Your Sovereignty

Protect Your Sovereignty: Golden Yarrow, Spreading Phlox, White Yarrow

Both types of Yarrow bring multidimensional protection (e.g. psychic, environmental, empathetic, inner and outer) to this mix, with Spreading Phlox enabling healthy boundaries, healthy connection, and wise whole-hearted compassion. Move beyond conscious and unconscious conditioned codependency by making yourself less susceptible to energies trying to enter and colonize your experience.

  • 1oz Dropper bottle in amber glass - Stock formulation
  • Ingredients: Spring water, brandy, flower energy infused via sunlight.

Wildcrafted by Darananda from wild flowers in eastern Connecticut.

Pay what you'd like starting at $12 plus $3 for shipping and handling*

*All proceeds from the sale of these flower essences medicines will support a long retreat Darananda is planning to take in 2024.

If you have the means and the spirit to support my retreat, please pay more. If you feel impoverished (there's an essence for that!) or are genuinely of limited means, pay less or simply the minimum. If you're new to these medicines (or new to me) and are unsure of the value, $18 is a reasonable amount to pay per bottle.

Recommended usage: 5-10 Drops under the tongue, four times a day. You can also add these to your drinking water or pour the whole bottle into your bath tub to soak in a deeper treatment. Follow your intuition!

If you're unsure of which mix to choose go with whichever flowers you're most attracted too via the images in the listing.

$15.00 USD or more