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Support for Darananda's Year-Long Retreat

Your donation of any amount is greatly appreciated and will make my retreat possible.

**Enter your chosen amount in the "name your price" box. The minimum is set to $1.00 and there is no upper limit.**

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I am not independently financially wealthy and taking a year off of work in the society we live in is not an easy thing!

As of summer 2023, I paid off all of my student loans, leaving me debt free. Anything you’re able to contribute will go towards my basic living expenses, to the household I will be supported by, and to keeping my website online so people can access the wealth of healing content in the Prism Collective while I’m away. Any amount you can offer is supportive.

If you have any questions about this or are in a position to make a large donation requiring tax-deduction please contact me: [email protected]