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As I walk my path, I'm here to support you, as you walk yours. We're all in this together.

Darananda (Dara Blumenthal, PhD) began meditating with the body in 2005 and working with energy medicine in 2007 (Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master since 2008). Since then, her path has led her ever deeper into an ancient karmic connection with Indo-Tibetan Buddhism and the subtle body practices of Western Esotericism. 

Dara’s interdisciplinary scholarly pursuits (BA, MA, PhD) led her through Western psychology, sociology, cultural studies, embodiment studies, and critical theory. Her professional path toured her through adult developmental psychology and Integral studies, group dynamics and conflict facilitation, as well as, psychedelic and somatic therapies.

Dara's spiritual path, thus far, has afforded her the opportunity to learn from profound teachers and true masters over the past 15+ years. She spent 2017 through 2019 learning from and working with Diane Musho Hamilton Roshi, with whom she had many awakening experiences.

In 2019, while in a deep state of absorption, on retreat with Dr. John Churchill, Dara experienced a spontaneous Kundalini awakening and release. The awakening progressed uninterruptedly, rising to completion in late 2021.

Surrendering to the life-altering initiation and blessing of the Kundalini rising afforded Dara tremendous spiritual development, purification, liberation of Self, and personal transformation in just under three years. Now, in what is considered the “advanced process” of the Kundalini rising, she lives a devoted spiritual life.

Today, Darananda is focused on gathering and supporting a community of people and practitioners who are on a spiritual and healing path to their sovereignty and divinity. What unites this community is a focus on direct experience, subtle sensing, and the relational field as pathways to liberation.

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