Your spiritual emergence is supported here.





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Remembering how to feel our Wholeness.




















Your spiritual emergence is supported here. 



Spiritual Guidance.

Energy Medicine.




Remembering how to feel our Wholeness.

Deepen into Being

Discover how to feel, heal, and expand through all levels of your being, while connecting with others on the path.

Work with Dara Ananda 1:1

Dara Ananda has been working with clients, in various capacities, since 2014. Today, her practice focuses on spiritual growth, supporting people to descend into feeling, clearing and purifying the system, and expanding consciousness to include more dimensions of experience. Explore the ways you can work with Dara Ananda 1:1 and schedule when you're ready.

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The Prism Collective

A growing collective of healers, sensitives, and spiritual seekers convened and supported by Dara Ananda. Including tools to support your inner work and connection with others on the path. Become a Prism Member to gain exclusive access to all aspects of the community and regular connection with Dara Ananda.

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Healings for Archetypes

One of the forms of energy healing that Dara Ananda offers involves archetypal forms. This is a unique type of healing that works at the deepest, most subtle levels of being, which are also collective, cultural, and ancestral. Learn about and access Dara Ananda's work with archetypes and how they impact you.

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Free Healings

Dara Ananda has put together a series of healings, free for the public, based upon topics sourced from the wider community. People offered areas of most needed support and Dara Ananda created a healing for the topics that felt most needed and resonate. You're welcome to listen to these healings as much as desired and share them with anyone who may benefit from them.

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Shelby Valentine, Life Coach & Healer

"I have had the honor of working with Dara for over 2 years. She and her work with me, have helped me heal completely from CPTSD, addictions, toxic patterns, and eating disorders. I never believed the type of healing and transformation I've experienced was possible, especially in just a few months and years. Dara is the most compassionate human I've ever encountered and the impact of her presence is hard to articulate. She is incredibly grounded, clear, and insanely wise. She offers support and guidance completely free of power dynamics or agenda. Dara has never once 'given' me an answer and has always existed in such a way that allowed me to learn to trust myself and my sovereignty. There isn't a more in-integrity spiritual guide or mentor out there that I have encountered. If you have the opportunity to be in her energy, I highly recommend it."

Some grounding

In this video, Dara Ananda offers context, information about the offerings, and how you can connect with her.


Kayla, Alignment Coach & Energy Worker

"I received the Support for Initiations healing and I was downright floored. It’s been a long time since I received such a powerful 'meditative' healing like what you created. The visuals I received were astounding. I was seeing, truly seeing myself. And I felt the magnitude of what I am doing, being, creating. I felt miraculously connected to my body, grounded, and simultaneously, absolutely limitless. I wish I could describe more for you… but the latter half I felt I was in such a deep meditative state. Depths. Able to receive the downloads and create the new connections effortlessly. How I have always felt it 'should' go but never seemed to until Saturday night. So I say thank you, I give you deep, unending gratitude from my heart. However I get to work with you or be connected to you is a blessing, and you are truly in your authenticity here."

Work with Dara Ananda

You can work with Dara Ananda individually, both as a Prism Member or without joining the collective.

Spiritual Guidance

Individual support along your healing and spiritual path that meets you exactly where you are.

This is a 75-minute 1:1 session exploring whatever it is that you’re needing support with at this time. I offer a grounded, supportive, and open relational field free of unhelpful power dynamics.

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Energy Medicine

Multidimensional healing addressing any aspect of your life.

This is an 80-minute 1:1 experiential session. Through the pathway of subtle energetics and connection to Divine Being, we heal, clear, purify, release, unbind, integrate, and transmute karma that may be keeping you stuck and disconnected in any aspect of your life. We may connect with ancestral energies and other aspects of time during these sessions. 

People who are experienced with medicine work, often compare this healing to a journey and like to wear a blindfold during it. We work at the deepest levels of your being and no substance is required.

Ability to drop-into your direct experience with a calm, curious, and open mind will help you get the most out of this work, which in turn, can help increase trust in your intuition and innate knowing.

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Free Connection Session

Did someone refer you here or are you new to this work? Would you like to meet Dara Ananda before scheduling a session or joining Prism?

Schedule a free 30-minute connection session with Dara Ananda to see how it feels to be with her and have any inquires addressed.

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Hello, I'm Dara Ananda. I support individuals to descend ever-deeper into the richness of feeling alive, liberated, and whole. I host a membership community that explores this, together. We'd love to have you if you feel called to join.

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Join Prism Collective, our monthly membership community for seekers, sensitives, healers, and connection.


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Prism Membership Gives You Exclusive Access To:

  • Prism Portal and the Gathering Space
  • The Spiritual Skill/share - monthly meeting to learn, discuss, and share
  • Monthly Full Moon Live Healings (plus access to the archive)
  • Weekly recorded Collective Healing Transmissions (CHT)
  • The CHT archive
  • The Healing and Awakening Resource Library
  • The Archetype Healing Archive (updated twice-yearly)
  • A discount code for use in the store and membership pricing for workshops and live events
  • Cancel your membership anytime
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Money is a form of Energy

Consider your intention and the energy you're bringing to your monetary choices. The place from which you're operating conditions your experience. The clearer and cleaner you are with your energy, the better. Be true to you.

If you would like to work with Dara Ananda 1:1 or join the community and are unable to afford the rates listed here, please get in touch to request a discount or sliding scale option.

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Let's Connect

Sign-up for the newsletter and gain immediate access to the Collective Healing Transmission for GROUNDING THE HEART (MP3), the thought form healing for "I'M NOT WORTHY" (MP3) and an INTRODUCTION TO ARCHETYPE HEALINGS (PDF).