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These are channeled healings that include teachings and powerful energies. I recommend you listen to and receive these healings as you would a sound bath or guided meditation - allowing the words and frequencies to wash over and through you, while in a relaxed and open state. The healing frequencies are downloaded directly into your system as you listen. It is normal if your mind wanders or you move into a liminal sleep state; it is better to allow the natural unfolding. Take what resonates and leave the rest. Re-listen whenever you're called.

Free Healings
Healing for the Imagination

Healing for the Imagination

We have been taught and conditioned to believe that the imagination, and what it produces and gives us access to, is simply "not real". This is simply not true. This harmful belief leaves us cut off from reality and disconnected from the sacred. This healing, which focuses largely on the heart, brain, and self-trust, addresses this detrimental social programming.

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Free Healings
Healing Scarcity at Multiple Scales

Healing Scarcity at Multiple Scales

Many people experience the wound of not being or having enough. These are deep Ancestral conditions. This healing addresses the personal, ancestral, and systemic aspect of scarcity, including working with the current egregore (group mind) that dominates in the West and the billionaires who control so much.

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Free Healings
Codependency and Attachment Wounding

Healing for Codependency and Attachment Wounding

As the relational structure of codependency is breaking down on our planet, the opportunity to heal our attachment wounding becomes available and necessary for evolution. This healing is in support of that.

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Free Healings
Healing the Earth (Dis)Connection

Healing the Earth (Dis)Connection

An urgent message from Mother Earth. It is time to heal the disconnection.

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Free Healings
Letting Go: Endings and Beginnings

Letting Go: Navigating Endings and Beginnings (death/rebirth cycles)

Endings and beginnings can be especially difficult. It is common for people to dislike and avoid change because it requires letting go (purification) and entering into the unknown (not knowing). However, change is a persistent condition of humanity, so it is wiser (and more evolutionary) to learn to embrace it. This healing is in support of these aspects of human life.

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Free Healings
Support for Initiations

Support for Initiations

Many are moving through powerful initiatory processes at this time. These processes are characterized by navigating through great change and uncertainty, complex emotional experiences, and acceleration. This healing is in support of these experiences.

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Free Healings
Live Healing 05/28/22

Live Group Healing: 05/28/22

This recording is from a live event held in late May 2022. The intention was around processing world events, working with collective grief, fear, helplessness, and trauma.

Click Here for 05/28/22 Transcript

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