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About Prism Collective

Prism Collective is a monthly membership community formally established in 2022, using energy healing, connection, and inner exploration to support your healing and awakening process. What unites this community is a focus on direct embodied experience, subtle sensing, and the relational field as pathways to liberation. We are about sovereignty, divinity, and connection. You are your own healer! Read more about the inspiration and ethos of Prism here.

What's New for 2024?

Introducing The Prism Collection: 135+ healing sessions and 50+ hours of healing content!

During 2024 Darananda is taking a yearlong retreat to focus on receiving and developing a body of work for supporting awakening. She will be largely offline during this time.

While the normal activities of the Prism Collective are paused during this time The Prism Collection is fully available for your personal use! The Prism Collection is the entirety of all of the accumulated, created, and curated content of The Prism Collective, from the past two years of operating -- including 135+ healing sessions and 50+ hours of healing content (most sessions have a run time of 20 minutes or less - except for the classes and workshops) -- packaged together for your easy access!

The 2024 Prism Collection is available in exchange for a minimum donation of only $36. (That is the cost of just one regular month of Prism Collective membership.) Scroll down for the more information!

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What do I get in The Prism Collection?

135+ healing sessions and 50+ hours of healing content!

Accessible via website or mobile app for your convenience.

90+ Collective Healing Transmissions

The Collective Healing Transmission or CHT, is a recorded audio healing similar to a guided meditation. It is typically 10-25 minutes in length. These healings are not based in time-space (rather they exist in the timeless field of Consciousness) and thus can be used whenever you want, to receive the full benefit. CHTs often include teachings, affirmations, and channeled messages. The audio is "encoded" with healing frequencies which are downloaded into your system every time you listen. These healings can be accessed for specific support whenever needed by searching the Prism Portal for a keyword (like "heart" or "grief"). They have descriptive titles, keywords, and transcripts (which are all searchable text). Your membership gives you access over to 90 CHTs to integrate into your daily self-care practice.

Full Moon Live Healing & Clearings

Gain access to over a year's worth of Live Full Moon Healing and Clearing sessions. These are video sessions that were created live with Darananda and the Prism Collective on or near the Full Moon each cycle. These are powerful and timeless sessions you can revisit whenever you're called. These sessions can be accessed for specific support whenever needed by searching the Prism Portal for a keyword (like "solar plexus" or "love"). They have descriptive titles, keywords, and transcripts (which are all searchable text).

The Spiritual Skill/Share Library

Access to the video library  of The Spiritual Skill/Share live-recorded sessions. These sessions are focused on exploring spiritual (mystical or non-ordinary) experiences, energy work concepts and practices, and living a spiritual life. They includes teachings and/or guided sessions on the Subtle Body, Ancestral Lineage Healing, Somatic Release Breathwork, an introduction to Parasiteology, the Akashic Records, and special energetic attunements from Darananda.

The Archetype Healing Archive

Access to the complete Archetype Healing archive. This archive includes a series of recorded healing sessions with transcripts based on archetypal energies that we all deal with personally and/or collectively. Read more about these healings here and access the list of archetypal energy worked with.

Healing & Awakening Resource Library

This library includes the resources that Darananda has found personally supportive throughout her journey, as well as, those items she has shared most with clients over the years. It is growing and includes descriptions of what might be useful to you for different phases of your journey.

Plus updates from Darananda's retreat and more!

Support the evolution of the dharma and the collective awakening process by supporting and staying connected with Darananda throughout her yearlong retreat. Be the first know of the teachings she is developing and support her unique path as a dharma-holder bringing forward Fourth Turning teachings.

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How does pricing work?

The minimum (one-time) donation amount for access to The Prism Collection is $36. This is helping to cover the costs of hosting this content and is the cost of one month of Prism Collective membership (during regular monthly operations).

If the content is worth more to you, or you'd like to support Darananda's retreat please pay more. There is no upper limit and every dollar helps to keep the healing content available and accessible for all.

If you're unsure of how to value access to this powerful Collection, there will be a donation option included in your membership portal, so you can always top up your donation later!

If you have questions about any of this please email [email protected]¬†

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