Work With Darananda

I support people who are waking up and who are outgrowing the confines of their ego-construct (personality or personal self-structure).

This involves dismantling the small, limited ways of being that have maintained the status quo and are now the sources of stuck-ness and frustration in any aspect of your life.

I also support people who are experiencing significant spiritual awakenings, Kundalini risings, intuitive and spiritual gifts coming online (e.g. spirit work, connecting with guides, direct knowing, etc.), as well as, other spiritual emergence phenomenon and emergencies.

My intention is to guide you into deeply encountering yourself and removing the blocks to expansion. This involves learning how to feel what has gone unfelt, see what has been out of awareness, and trust your direct experience. This is a process of descent.

The descent is ultimately for purification and integration - clearing karma so the system and self can expand and become aligned with the Universe and the purpose of your higher self, your soul's reason for being.

Primarily, I'm committed to supporting your self-trust and innate knowing. By working together, we can reveal your inner healing wisdom and intelligence, which is best suited for your system.

Since 2014, I have worked with adults spanning the life stages of the 20's through the 70's, and who reside in many parts of the world (e.g. India, Australia, North America, UK, and Europe). Commonly, my clients are healers, therapists, coaches, yogis, spiritual guides, seekers, lightworkers, and meditation teachers. Usually, they already have a good understanding of their personal psychology by the time they come to work with me.

In any case, I work with people who are committed to encountering themselves and their experience intimately and directly.

Thank you for thinking about inviting me into your process.

Supporting Clarification & Purification

Expanding Consciousness & Refining the Nervous System 

Spiritual Guidance

This is primarily a talking session where we explore your process, work to bring more intro awareness, make more connections, and get into the karmic or core seeds of the habitual ways of being keeping you stuck. I show up here as a clear and clean mirror for you, conversationally and intuitively,  and also draw on my interdisciplinary background and perspective to shed as much light as possible on what is still in the dark and disconnected. Ultimately, I direct you back to your inner guidance and wisdom and help you get clear with you.

Energy Medicine

This is primarily a healing session, with less talking (than a talking session). We drop below the levels of the thinking mind. We seek to find, make contact with, and heal the karmic or core seeds of any dysfunction, illness, stuck-ness, or disconnection from Wholeness that is showing up at the surface levels of experience. We dive deep and work at more subtle dimensions of Being, which is where healing takes place. This often includes working energetically with core patterns, parts and inner children, ancestors, guides, and multiple timelines. I also support processes of unbinding and clearing of all kinds.

Support Package

While I currently do not offer a set structure for on-going 1:1 work, I am happy to co-create whatever structure works best for you. Some people I see once or twice a month for ongoing support, other people like to do two sessions with me one week and then follow up with four weekly sessions to work on something more acute. It is whatever is best for you, what you're working with, and where you're at in your process. Currently, I offer two set packages to help us get started if you're interested in ongoing work with me. If you have a request for something else, just let me know.

Renee Piazza, Mother, Facilitator & Mindfulness Guide

Thank you again for a wonderful session today. The physical sensation of peace in my body is delicious. I feel balanced and I am memorizing this feeling, and it is also further reinforcing the importance of staying in this energy work with you to be fully available for my assignment on this earth. Thank you again, I am feeling into a new balance and heading outside now to put my feet on the earth. ”

Sessions & Packages

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Money is a form of Energy

Consider your intention and the energy you're bringing to your monetary choices. The place from which you're operating conditions your experience. The clearer and cleaner you are with your energy, the better. Be true to you.

If you would like to work with Darananda 1:1 or join the community and are unable to afford the rates listed, please get in touch to request a discount or sliding scale option.