Healings for Archetypes

(and the humans who are connected to them)

Wait, what is this?

Archetypes are ancient energetic structures, templates, or patterns that permeate collective consciousness. They are part of humanity and we experience them intimately. They are not mere concepts, rather they are forms who interact, intersect, and impact our lives. Sometimes I heal and repair them.

Okay, can you say more?

Archetypes are subtle level expressions that manifest both light and shadow aspects of being. For example, I did a healing for the Elder archetype where I first needed to heal and clear the False Elder, in order to free the "true" Elder. There is a huge amount of false eldership in our culture masquerading as true eldership. For example, spiritual teachers who are assuming power over people, while they haven't yet done their own shadow work on power and control. In the case of this healing, both light and shadow elements needed attention and showed up together. The shadow expression isn't "bad" that is simply its form. They all have a role to play here.

Furthermore, archetypes are alive – they are very subtle manifestations of Source consciousness. You can think of these energetic structures as very subtle level beings – they are manifest but not densely so, like we are as humans. However, they experience the physical through us and we experience their powerful energies, structures, and patterns through our energy bodies, essentially where our bodies intersect with theirs. After all, there is no separation. 

Wow, this is esoteric. How'd this come about?

Before I began this work with archetypes I never even had the thought that this was a type of healing that was needed, let alone possible. And I don't have a particular interest in archetypes beyond the work that I do with them and how they work with and through us. Others have worked much more extensively, researching and cataloguing them, than what you will find here.

What is clear to me is that these energetic beings, who are a part of us and indeed impact our individual lives and our cultures, also need healing and tending. I've been called to be of service in this way and it has become part of my practice. As this practice continues to reveal itself to me, I'm delighted to share this work with others who may benefit from these healings, both directly and as a tool for supporting sense-making.

Tell me about the healings.

The healings themselves are both energetically potent and content rich. Some people are more interested in the content and others in the energy signatures. Both aspects tend to be supportive and offer a holistic and multidimensional resonance. I recommend working with whichever archetypes you feel called to, or interested in. May they be supportive on your journey.

Healings for Archetypes