Are you awake yet?

May 01, 2022

We have long been in a spiritual slumber. Capitalism and systems of oppression have decimated our connection to the planet and ourselves. Our attention is shattered on the daily and our relationships are lacking in depth, richness, and possibility across the board. We have lost the art of feeling.

Generation after generation, we have been conditioned to seek comfort and safety as the basis of our lives. This has kept us small, unfulfilled, disconnected. It has meant that generations of trauma have gone unprocessed and we continue to pass it on to the next, saturating our DNA with this karma. Ignorant to the ancestors who need tending. We are at a breaking point now.

Many of us are waking up to how unhealthy our humanity has become. How our ways of living and being and doing are fundamentally not life-supporting. We are waking up to the need to process and move the trauma through our bodies such that we find more expansive, expressive, and connective ways of being and living, for the limited duration that we are in this precious human form.

It is a beautiful and sacred opportunity to have a human nervous system, even if you feel trapped by it at times. It is only because we have a human body that we are able to awaken, become liberated, and ground (into) our sovereignty. To become ensouled. Divine. This is what we’re here to do.

And we have to do it together. As Thich Nhat Hahn famously said, the next Buddha is the Sangha.

This is what I am interested in creating, in calling forth, in emanating. A sangha, a community in which we have the potential to reflect unconditional love back to each other and hold each other in our breakdowns, our transgressions, our failures, and the pain of learning how to come into fullness and wholeness, together.

We are inherently social beings and our wounds were created in-relationship. We cannot do this alone. The model of capitalism offers us countless one-on-one relationships. The parent, the teacher, the therapist, the spouse, the expert. These containers are not large enough or aware enough to process what needs to get processed so that we can expand into what is actually available to us in this lifetime. They are rife with unhelpful power dynamics that we need to excavate and transmute. The systems of relating are broken.

It is time to remake these systems and to find new ways of being, living, sense-making, and doing. Our understanding of power is incredibly limited. It is time to move beyond right and wrong.

My slice of this project is all about feeling, sensing, and coming into the body in a deep and powerful way, and in relationship with others. It is about intimately knowing and trusting your direct experience as the foundation of Truth. Through this we can move beyond the confines of our egoic construct that keeps us defended, small, fearful, and on the hamster wheel of modern life.

This is an invitation into a practice community, a place to grow and evolve together. Such that we may reclaim the glimmer of divinity in our lives, every, damn, day. And move away from the soul crushing hyper-individuation and privatization of life.

This is a path to recognize Sacred World here on Earth.

We do this not from a place of sameness, of following a guru, or codependency. We do this from first gaining our sovereignty. We hold each other in our power and in our sovereignty, so we all begin to understand where one ends and another begins. That is your material. This is my material. And this is how it shows up together. This is where we can come together to hold each other and to support each other in the process of becoming whole. This is how we stay in-relationship and have strong boundaries and learn to become boundless at the same time.

As we regain more of our wholeness we can stand as our own tree in the grove, supporting one another and navigating our way into our true essential nature. From there we create. Creating community from that place, just as much as we create to that place. This is an invitation to get messy and sense into it’s unfurling together.

We all have different roles to play to enact the future, to step into the New Time, the New Earth. One of my roles is to start to convene a collective of (self) healers, practitioners, seekers, and people who want more, who know deep in their guts that there is more. We are multidimensional beings, not these static roles to play or stories to live out. For far too long we have been reduced and confined to a tiny corner of humaneness, rather than the full, ecstatic expanse it provides. The time is now. But we must move together.

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