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Have you woken up to who you really are and why you're here?

You've heard the call loud and clear. It is undeniable. There is no turning back now.

Congratulations and welcome.

You're here to support the evolution of consciousness, the anchoring of the light, the rebalancing of masculine and feminine, the healing of ancestral and intergenerational trauma, the reconnection with Mother Earth; However you've been called specifically, you've recognized that you're here to support people to continue to expand and become who they truly are during this very challenging time on planet Earth (the Kali Yuga).

You have spiritual gifts, awareness, or abilities coming online that you're meant to share. You're embodying what's True and understanding your Light and Power. You're getting in touch with Reality and taking responsibility for your life. You're ready to take the next step into Service and also could use some support owning that role fully.

If the above or the below describes you, this Three-Month Spiritual Mentorship may be right for you.

  • You have experienced an accelerated awakening, opening, or initiation process and are called to bring your gifts, awareness, and knowledge to others
  • You are dealing with imposter syndrome, doubt, limiting self-belief, or self-trust issues that keep you from fully stepping onto your path and into your calling
  • You are navigating multiple dimensions and not sure how to fully sense-make and trust what you’re experiencing
  • You know that you have so much to share and yet your older (younger), out-moded ways of being are getting in your way
  • You feel that you need a framework, or model, or something external to you in order to deliver your gifts and be in service
  • You need to expand your perspective and toolkit to become more interdisciplinary and holistic in your approach to healing and awakening
  • You need a trustable guide on this journey who can help you make sense of your direct experience
  • You are committed to going deeper into your direct experience in order to become as clear and well equipped as possible to serve others

Become an in-integrity spiritual practitioner  

By committing deeply and consistently to your continued healing, clearing, and unfolding, you can become the clearest, cleanest, and most open channel for others. 

Through this 3-month mentorship program, you have the opportunity to:

  • Deepen your self-trust and innate knowing
  • Develop your intuition
  • Become more self-authoring and in your self-authority
  • Put down your habitual ways of being
  • Anchor safety in your body and learn how to befriend your fear
  • Understand what is truly getting in your way and how to clear it at the core level
  • Work with discomfort and challenging emotions in the body and subtle dimensions
  • Understand multidimensionality and how to make sense of and trust your experiences
  • Learn how to work with your innate embodied healing intelligence to clear stuckness and old karma from your nervous system
  • Learn how to navigate dark energies, psychic attack, entities, etc.
  • Cultivate energetic protection and boundaries while staying open and in service
  • Deepen your relational potential to support yourself and others
  • Work with feeling, attunement, and attachment dynamics
  • Understand how to work with your parts through to integration 
  • Understand your ego-construct and how to compassionately dismantle it
  • Work with processing your projections, stories, and how you give your power away
  • Create new practices that support your ability to give and receive
  • Receive support, guidance, and direction in the areas you’re less comfortable and less developed
  • Receive clean and clear mirroring free of unhelpful power dynamics
  • Receive multidimensional energy healing and Universal insight to heal, clear, and unbind at the core levels of being
  • Work with the relational field and experience real relating, in real time
  • Deepen your integrity and understand the embodied relational ethics of working with others
  • Work with discomfort and resistance skillfully
  • Refine your ability to track yourself and the relational field
  • Refine your perception, subtle sensing, and expand your consciousness

And be welcomed into and held, on-goingly, in a stable, grounded, clear, clean, compassionate, and attuned relational field for the duration of the mentorship with Darananda

A mentorship relationship with a trustable, ethical, and reliable spiritual guide is invaluable and often difficult to find. Darananda is selective in who she mentors and has created this opportunity specifically for new mentees who are seeking support.


What's Included

1:1 Sessions

We begin with two sessions upfront addressing multiple levels of being in the first week, including talking and healing work. After that, you can plan on one 75-Minute session every other week over the 12 weeks, covering Spiritual Guidance, Energy Medicine, and Universal insight work. If an acute issue arises, we can add sessions. Read more here.

Signal Support

Consistent Signal App Support when you need it. Text and voice messaging throughout the three months that meets you in the moments of continued opening and unfolding. This tends to be an invaluable resource for folks and is a central part of the program.

Prism Collective

A 3-month Prism Collective Membership, which you can always extend after. This includes weekly healings and live sessions, as well as, access to the different archives of healings. Read more here.

An Opportunity

To receive four Universal Elemental Attunements from Darananda.

To join future group mentorship sessions hosted by Darananda.

To receive consulting and case review for your client work with Darananda.

At the end of 3-months of mentorship, you will likely experience:

  • More liberation
  • More clarity and self-trust
  • More vitality, aliveness, and vibrancy
  • More openness and expansion in your direct experience
  • Dissipation of imposter syndrome 
  • New skills for working with your inner experience
  • Refined perception, subtle sensing, and expanded consciousness
  • Refined ability to track yourself and the relational field
  • More confidence working across the spectrum of dark and light energies
  • A greater understanding of how to work with yourself and others
  • Greater confidence in working with clients in a healing space
  • The ability to easefully work with your mind and emotions
  • More clarity about your spiritual path


Feedback & Reflections

Dara describes indescribable experiences, provides context and resources for support, and offers a clear, grounded container to sensemake within.  Her insights and mirroring cut through the noise of power dynamics, un-useful hierarchical structures, and transactional energy that is often present in other spaces of mentorship/therapy/guidance/facilitation. 

It’s nearly impossible to describe the spiritual facilitation that she offers— together we integrate ways of knowing that transcend words and rationality altogether.  It’s even more impossible to explain the level of gratitude I have for learning from and with her. 

I have been working with Dara for a year now, though it feels like lifetimes in the best way.  Our ongoing work has included: healing attachment wounding, honing and refining working with the subtle senses and direct knowing, staying grounded and present in the body, as well as working with the mind to re-pattern behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve.  I have discovered and honed spiritual gifts that have shifted my life completely to live and work in integrity with my path.  Finally experiencing deep alignment with purpose.

Our work together has spanned many historically rooted traditions, as well as emerging and co-created methods to ground and integrate the accelerated, expansive experience of a spiritual awakening and journey to liberation and sovereignty. 

Dara is pure light and an utter delight to be in the presence of.  She is grounded, clear, precise, fierce, compassionate, and wise beyond belief. 

If you’ve gone this far, if you’re reading this— you feel called.  Let this be the nudge you need to deepen your work and begin your journey with Dara. 

Ashley Rock, ancestral lineage healing steward, Death Walker



I have had the honor of working with Dara for over 2 years. She, and her work with me have helped me heal completely from CPTSD, addictions, toxic patterns, and eating disorders. I never believed the type of healing and transformation I've experienced was possible, especially in just a few months and years. She is the most compassionate human I've ever encountered and the impact of her presence is hard to articulate.

She is incredibly grounded, clear, and insanely wise. She offers support and guidance completely free of power dynamics or agenda. She has never once "given" me an answer and has always existed in such a way that allowed me to learn to trust myself and my sovereignty.

She has helped me in more ways than I can possibly articulate and has helped me heal to completion, something I never believed was possible before meeting her. I am a completely different person now.

I think of my life really in 2 parts - pre and post working with Dara through my trauma and inner material. I will continue to be in her orbit and working with her as long as I can. 

She makes the spiritual path feel much less scary and I feel so supported knowing that she is traversing her own spiritual path with such grace and ferocity. Just knowing this and feeling it gives me permission to live my truth and continue on my path.

There isn't a more in-integrity spiritual guide or mentor out there that I have encountered. If you have the opportunity to be in her energy, I highly recommend it. 

Shelby Valentine, Life Coach & Healer



Dara is the swift and loving cut of the Vajra sword. She cuts, cuts, cuts through the dense material that gets in the way of truth and light. She cuts cords; she cuts nonsense; and most importantly, she cuts through the thick fabric of your sheath so that you can more easily access your own sword. Dara also knows the delicate art of rendering: she bends time to your advantage, making supple material from the seemingly intangible. At first pass, Dara alchemizes –– making not only something, but magic, from nothing. The more you connect, the more you realize that Dara is, in fact, catalyzing –– she illuminates that which was always there and invites you with the right balance of respectfulness and persistence to let go and make space. 

Dara is space itself. In epitomizing emptiness, she gives permission for your own process of cleansing, clearing, and purifying. Dara creates conditions for this constant gerund form, this long term on-goingness, this infinite game. She does this not merely by offering refuge, but rather by supporting you to create safety within your own system. Dara doesn't teach you how to fish –– she whispers quiet truths as you awaken from your slumber and dip your toes in the measureless wellspring, which of course is full of fish and bliss. 

Dara is boundless becoming. She is coming to be, open and see, showing and knowing that being is freeing. She will say, "Welcome. It's good to see you," and you will feel at home at last.

Joy, abundance, and forever expansion are always available. 



I'm a Spiritual Facilitator using awakened gifts and developed  abilities to support others on their path.

I have been meditating since 2005 and working with energy healing since 2007. I experienced a full Kundalini Rising, which completed in 2021. I've been working with clients since 2014.

I'm highly educated (BA, MA, PhD) and trauma-informed. I have always had and continue to have incredible teachers on my path.

Today I'm offering mentorship and guidance to those who are waking up to their gifts and called to support others.

You can read more about my background here.


Everyone’s journey is different. Guidance on the path makes it a lot more navigable. If you're interested in entering into this mentorship relationship there is a two-step process:

Complete an intake form. Once that is complete, you'll receive an email inviting you to schedule a session with Darananda to review your intake together. 

If you have questions get in touch.

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