What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are extremely effective energy medicines, which you ingest. You can also consider them plant medicines, however, unlike essential oils or eating a psychedelic mushroom, you aren't ingesting any part of the physical plant or flower. They also don't have a scent.

This is an extremely subtle and gentle preparation of the flower, using the Sun's (or Moon's) light to infuse high quality water with the essence or energetic of the flower (in a clear glass or crystal vessel). (Some of theĀ photos here show this step in the process.) Once the water has been infused with the flower's essence, the water isĀ preserved using brandy (alcohol). While this process uses alcohol, it is a much less intense flavor (and amount) than the alcohol you'll find in an herbal tincture for example (which is a denser preparation of the plant).

When creating these formulas, I'm highly aware of and present to the energetics in each step of the process; I never even physically touch the flowers. I use instruments to harvest the flowers which are reserved solely for this purpose. The energetic or vibrational purity and clarity of the flowers is maintained throughout the process.

How do they work?

Many people have an intellectual awareness of their life-damaging habits, however they don't usually have the tools for clearing those habits at deeper and more subtle levels in the body and nervous system. Flower essences work below the dense physical levels of the body and mindĀ to offer support and healing to your subtle bodies.

For example, Yarrow is an excellent flower for protection. If you have a tendency to pick up energy or emotions from other people or your environment, working with this flower will help you to stop doing that. Check out the mix Protect Your SovereigntyĀ if this is you.

Another example: say you have experienced some type of shock trauma (even just being born for some people) and you feel like your soul hasn't descended into your body. In this case Star of Bethlehem is an excellent flower to work with. Check out the mix Full Spectrum Unity if this is resonating.

Each flower has a different energy (frequency or vibrational) signature. These energetic signatures are (what carry and transmit) the medicine. It is a technology of consciousness through a direct connection with the elements: flowers, plants, fire, water, and the ultimately, Earth.

It is worth noting that the vibrational healing frequency of a flower that is infused into a flower essence preparation,Ā often has a different medicinal purpose than a physical preparation of theĀ sameĀ plant.Ā 

Depending on your system and your capacity for subtle perception, you can feel these working at the emotional and astral levels, as well as throughout your whole energy body and energy (or auric) field.

Flower essencesĀ are life-supporting medicines, which help you access and free yourself from density and blockages at more subtle dimensions, and promote Wholeness throughout your system and lived experience. They help you to integrate and embody the divine qualities of planet Earth.

How do I know which mix is right for me?

This is more of a spiritual healing art than it is a science. I highly recommend you follow your intuition and/or trust your gut.

  • Choose mixes that you are literally attracted to, both in terms of the visual image of flowers and (theĀ sound of) the name of the mix. Take in (receive) and sense into (join with) the images of the flowers and the name of the mix through your whole sensing-perceiving capacity.
  • Allow this to firstly, be an embodied and intuitive sensory process, and secondly, a cognitive or intellectual one.
  • Once you've honed in on the mixes you're attracted to, read the names of the flowers and the short description if you need more information.
  • Keep in mind, these will work on your subtle energetic and emotional bodies, so I recommend you keep your cognitive decision-making process in the background.

How do I take them?

Most of the time you ingest flower essences directly, under the tongue. I recommend you start with 5-10 drops under the tongue, 3-4 times a day over the course of 2-3 weeks and until you feel a shift in your condition or process. More does not necessarily mean better.

It is best to become very mindful of your experience while taking them and study how they impact you. If you feel intuitively called to take more or less trust yourself and follow your intuition. There are no contraindications (as long as you're okay with a very small amount of alcohol). They cannot harm you.

I recommend working with one to two mixes at a time and/or to reserve certain mixes for special purposes. For example, I'm currently working with Full Spectrum Unity and Aligned and Attuned. I have them on my desk and on different days I work with one or the other, depending on how I feel. I also work with Protect Your SovereigntyĀ when I'm in ritual with others or have to be around a lot of people, or certain people who have poor boundaries or are energetically parasitic.

You can also pour a whole bottle into the bathtub and soak them in for a more intensive treatment. This is a very potent way to work with them if you feel called.

If you'd rather not ingest them directly you can put the drops into water and drink them, spray them in your environment (if you have a spray bottle), or apply drops onto your skin. For example, I often host ritualĀ spaces and do not like cleansing (smudging) with smoke, so I use flower essences instead.

Pro Tip: Don't allow anyone else to touch your bottle of flower essences.Ā If you'd like to share your mix with someone do so via the dropper only. If someone who holds your bottle is deficient, they can drain the energy in the bottle.Ā 

Why are there only mixes?

I didn't decide to start creating these medicines. Instead I was called to it spontaneously during my first Spring season living inĀ ruralĀ Connecticut. There is an abundance of wildflowers here and I started to recognize many from the Lily Circle flower essences collection (Green Tara Essences), which were the first ones I ever worked with, about a decade ago.

It just so happened that I was called to make mixes and not individual essences, based on the series of events that unfolded and pointed me to grouping flowers instead of creating single-flower-formulas.

There are many companies that make wonderful single flower essences. If you're strongly called to work with just one flower you see here in a mix, through my energy-stream in particular, you can ask me and I will most likely be able to make it for you.

We are in complex and complicated times of great transition. I believe I am creating mixes which are most needed and requisite for navigating this time.

How much should I pay?

I'm offering these flower essences on a pay what you want/can basis starting at $12 a bottle plus $3 for shipping and handling. This is a one-woman, small batch, homemade process. Each mix is made to order by me (Darananda) with you specifically in mind. This in and of itself adds another energetic healing component to your mix.

I'm offering a flat rate for U.S. shipping and handling, to make it easier, even if I might lose some money on it. (It costs roughly $6 in postage alone to ship twoĀ bottles in one box.)

Depending on how you work with your mix, they will likely last you a couple of months and don't really expire, so if you don't finish the bottle, you can come back to it in the future.

All proceeds of these medicines will go towards supporting my ability to take a long personal retreat. If you have the means and the spirit to support my retreat, please pay more. If you feel impoverished (there's an essence for that!) or areĀ genuinely of limited means, pay less or simply the minimum. If you're new to these medicines (or new to me) and are unsure of the value, $18 is aĀ reasonableĀ amount to pay per bottle.

Available Mixes